Custom Airbrush Tan

Custom Airbrush Tan

Custom Airbrush Tan
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The best way to get a sun-kissed glow, or an “I just spent a week at the beach” bronze, without damaging your skin! Each airbrush tan is customized to your skin tone and desired outcome. Unlike stand-in spray, tan booths and do-it-yourself home products that only give you the choice of light, medium, and dark, Trophy Tan and Esthetics uses Aviva Labs Solutions, which use different undertones and different DHA levels to be some of the most customizable and natural looking products available. Aviva Labs products are: 

-Oil free/water-based. This helps the product adhere to the skin better, less streaking, and is longer lasting. Especially important in those humid Georgia summer months!  

-Doctor formulated 




-Only made with FDA approved ingredients  

-Fast drying 

-Erythurlose free 

-PETA approved  

-Not tested on animals 


-Nut free 

-Free of harsh dyes and chemicals  

-Natural looking and long lasting  

-Composed of the highest quality, premium grade DHA 

-Even fading 

-Won’t stain sheets or clothes 

With proper care, your custom airbrush tan can last upwards of 7-10 days. ( Full results will be seen in 24 hours after the tan is applied).

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